About 50million is reported hacked by facebook last year. As you can see, It is very important to keep your facebook Account from hackers, you should be able to secure your account to avoid scammers from intruding into your privacy and using your social media account for theft or any other related

At first, let me share my Story with you. Last month, when I open my Facebook account, which I had created for the past 15 years when I was in high school, it was all strange as I see many friend request sent to me, I was surprised, I saw a message from a strange man replying to me as if we were discussing something before, immediately check out if I have login to someone else account mistakenly.

I log out from the account and re-enter my Login details then it’s saying Wrong password, I requested for New password with “Forget Password” thereby typing my Email and phone number. That’s how I knew that my account has been hacked.

No hope I Google the whole internet to find out a way to access my account back, but all to no avail. Lately in the Night, I search online again thinking there should be a way.

I was being directed by Google to a Site which helps me solve the problem, ask me how? I learnt about Two Authentication Verification by Facebook. How is it possible for me to set this, (ask myself) when I’m logged out from of my Facebook Account, after a couple of time of thinking, I remembered that I had log in a few days ago in my friend’s Facebook App, so immediately, I took his phone access my Facebook account and follow the guide I read from the blog, this is how I recovered my Account back by a secured Settings I haven’t heard before.

That’s why I came out with this blog post to help others. You don’t know how important my Facebook is important to me, I got almost all my income from it, people who viewed my work comment and ask for the same done for them. This is why Facebook is very important.

After all this story what next, now I’m going to show the complete steps to secure your Facebook Account just stay tuned and follow the procedure.

Now we are going to set the already built in Facebook Security features,

Log in to your Facebook account,
Go to Settings & Privacy
Click on Settings
Click on Security and login you would see different function, but wait what we are going to set is a few, and you may set more if you wish. it will display you where you’re logged in, time and Place and date (you can always check here to know if someone is accessing your facebook.)

Firstly, Click on Get Alerts about unrecognised logins, then you would be provided with some option

Set Notification to Get Notification alert about recognized device on Messenger (if you like, you can set it to on
Email: I don’t trust email. t might be used by scammers

Using Two-factor authentication (use your phone as an extra layer of security to keep other people from logging in to your account )

Two factor authentication is a security feature implement by Facebook that requires you enter a login code after entering your password, so any time you want to login, you would be asked for additional log in code which you would received via Text message or Authentication app. So make sure you turn it on
also set up a Recovery code Under the Add a backup

Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are looked out (Your trusted contacts can send a code and url from Facebook to help you log back in )
make sure you set these features and add your trusted friends or adding your siblings and parent will be most secured

you would also see some other option Advanced, you can also set that if you like

Thanks, i hope this features would help you secure your account from hackers .

If you encounter any difficulties or have any question…feel free to add your comment


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