The founder and CEO of Slourish Ltd; Latii Brayllot, just described his company’s platform;, as a goldmine! This is coming 15 days after his company remodeled the popular Hashed Profit Share Program otherwise known as the HPS program.

Initially, the HPS program which was launched late-2018 was designed to aid members of the platform through earning a monthly share in Slourish’s revenue. This was indeed a welcome development for those who wanted a recurring income stream while waiting for their invested startup to pay dividends.

However, the program has now been reworked to allow virtually anyone to participate just by funding their HPS accounts. More importantly, participants now earn a fixed monthly interest on their funds for 6 consecutive months while still regaining their initial funds. This beats all rates across the industry!

According to Latii Brayllot, the HPS program is just a taste of the numerous opportunities offered by the Slourish Team. The platform; being a crowd-investing community, is home to thousands of entrepreneurs, investors as well as those that are just there to earn an additional income through the numerous programs on the platform.

In his words; “Slourish simplifies fundraising for Nigerian businesses. It basically eliminates the hurdles associated with finding an angel investor or venture capitalist and giving up a large chunk of your equity especially at the seed stage. With Slourish, an entrepreneur can basically start raising funds for his/her startup in about 48 hours.”

“Slourish helps you earn, manage or grow your money on the go! It’s the future of Nigerian financial solutions.” He added.

It is indeed a goldmine as the platform offers several money-making opportunities to members. Let’s not forget that the Slourish brand has a dedicated team who are also there to help businesses raise funds on the platform through micro-investments from the members as well as aid their incorporation, branding, marketing, mentorship or a complete startup incubation.

As amazing as the platform is, coupled with the strong team behind it, there’s no doubt that Slourish will hold a very high position among the Nigerian Fintech brands in the coming months.

With the success rate so far, most people wouldn’t hesitate to assign a better title to the platform but still, how else will you know for sure till you try it out yourself? Do you think it’s a goldmine?

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