Now that everything seems to go awkward and you need some money to quickly payout your current house or you are a student that needs to pay for your handout or probably other things you might need money for.

While they are so many online and mobile loan platform online, I have prepared you the best one based on my research and trial after trying a different platform

if you are looking for a fast and under 25mins loan then this is for you

Here is a list of the Top 5 Quick and Easy Loan in Nigeria


kwikmoney is a product offered by Mines, a global technology company that has developed a digital platform that enables institutions in emerging markets to offer credit products to their customers with ease and minimal risk.

Kwikmoney is one of the best loan platforms in Nigeria, it requires no Document, it is simply the easiest especially if you are looking for the instant loan without App

While Kwikmoney makes it easy for the customer, they offered both Online(Website) and USSD code based loans.

  • Documentation: None
  • Requirement: 18yrs +, more than 90days registered Active sim
  • Interest Rate: from 5%
  • Tenure: 14 – 30 days, you can also extend your loan.
  • Time to Loan: Within 3-5mins

The reason why I consider them as the top is that it doesn’t require any stress.

if you are a student then this loan type is the best for you

Carbon (paylater)

While Paylater is one of the best mobile loan App that offers loan to Nigerian, they offer short loans to cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs.

Paylater is a service provided by One Finance and Investments Limited

  • Documentation: None
  • Requirement: Bank Account Details (BVN, ATM info),
  • Interest loan: 4 – 10% (depending on loan)
  • Tenure: 1 – 3 months (depending on you at times)
  • Time to loan: 5 minutes (immediately after loan approval)


PalmCredit is sponsored by a company named Transsnet. Its brands are made up of Palmpay and Palmsave

PalmCredit is also a reliable mobile App, they offer quick and easy loan without stress.

  • Documentation: None
  • Requirement: Bank Details (BVN, Acct number, ATM info), 18 – 60 yrs, Valid phone number.
  • Interest Loan: 14% – 24%
  • Tenure: 2 – 4 weeks
  • Time to loan: (after approval)


FairMoney is a licensed online lender, that provides instant loans to meet up urgent cash needs

  • Documentation: None
  • Requirement: Bank Account Details (BVN, ATM info).
  • Interest Rate: 15% – 30%
  • Tenure: 2weeks – a Month
  • Time to loan: (after approval


Branch is a mobile Lending Platform that also offers the best loan for Nigeria

They partnered with Visa, which has made them be trustworthy, they also have a branch in the United States, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania, and India.

  • Documentation: None
  • Requirement:Bank Account Details (BVN, ATM info).
  • Tenure: 4 – 40 weeks
  • Time to loan: (after approval)


With these Top 5 best loan platform you don’t require any documentation, Collateral, Hidden fees, and Bank Statement, Whether you’re a student, business owner, salary earner, self-employed or just in between jobs and in need of funds, these top pick loan platforms are the best that can help meet any urgent cash needs you have.

I personally recommend you to try Branch as it does not require too much stress, verification and you can easily qualify for higher amount.

Tips: the more you pay your loan fast, the more trust they have on you, and the more your chances of loan amount increases

Disclaimer: if you use any of the link in this post to access any Loan site, you would have higher chance of loan and I would also benefit from it, you would also get discount when repaying.

What’s your best loan Platform and Which one would you consider the best? Share your thoughts in the comment box.



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