Have you ever notice that your smartphone just develop a strange sign of unhealthy device, probably because of some bad practice on how you handle your device. Slowly this practice damages your phone and causes you to be vulnerable to hackers.

The major reasons why your Smartphone comes with User manual is to guide you on:

  1. what and what not to do with your smartphone
  2. how to take care of it.
  3. how to make it have a long life span and be less vulnerable to hackers

In this post I’ve done an extensive research to make sure I share with you the most and careful tips on what you should not do with your smartphone, what kills your battery lifespan, what makes you vulnerable to attacks from hacker and to show you that Rooting, Unnecessarily overcharging, installation from unknown sources and others are things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone.

Here are an important 7 things you should not do with your Smartphone

1. Installing App from Unknown sources

If you are downloading or installing apps from sources that are different from Google PlayStore, then there is a high probability that you are a victim of hackers.

major things we all do with our phone is installing App from unknown sources most especially when we need a hacked game or in order to use/bypass Google in-App purchase for free.

Since we don’t know the risk involved, we download and install it on our device. Researches have proven that Apps without Google authorized is considered malicious, this is what hackers exploit to hack your phone and keep track of what you are doing on your phone.

App from unknown sources can damage your phone software and silently inject malware that can further lead to software failure and flashing.

2. Skipping Phone Update

Do you know why phone manufacturers always update their software every month, years or sometimes weekly? it’s because they know things are constantly changing fast, and they know if care is not taken hackers can steal user information.

Phone updates

  1. Patch vulnerable Security holes that are critical for your privacy data security.
  2. It helps to fix bugs and speed increments. Generally, not all updates are important, but it helps your phone to run smoothly

3. Overcharging

While we all don’t take as an important aspect of the phone.

When you go to bed and leave your phone charging overnight, you are silently damaging your phone battery life span. Overcharging can lead to damage to phone hardware, at times overcharging can lead to phone being hot. The best thing you can do to your phone is to remove five minutes after it’s completely full.

4. Using while charging

All this ends up damaging your phone battery and some part of the hardware that’s functioning while charging, if at most you must use it, just make sure you are using a genuine charger, and your phone doesn’t feel too hot.

5. Rooting/ Tampering with Device

Rooting devices voids warranty and in most cases damages device. while rooting devices give you complete control over the system, and that power can be misused if you’re not careful. root methods are dangerous, you might brick your device simply trying to root it.

Since the required steps to root is complicated you might end up not doing it the right way, thus making you vulnerable to a hacker.

6. Giving Unnecessary Permission to App

When you install a new app on your phone, always check to make sure to check if it is important to give the app to some special section on your phone, like contacts , media and other similar things.

Hackers not only use that to steal your information but can also keep track of your daily activities on phone

7. Using a Knockoff charger

It’s better to buy a cost and reliable charger than to buy low cost or copy charger that indirectly damage your phone’s battery and charging port due to voltage fluctuation.


While we have to talk about the things you should never do with your phone, I hope you make utilize of it.

Things like Overcharging, Rooting, skipping updates, using unsupported charger all damage your smartphone in a very fast way but unbeknown to you we never knew until it has reached the limit where it totally destroys your phone’s life.

What are the things you don’t do with your smartphone? share your thoughts in the comment section.

Don’t forget to share an idea of what you consider bad or ask questions where you need advice.



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