While you must have seen most of your friends enjoying limitless 1gb Data Plan for #200 only. You might be surprised when you don’t qualify for the same plan.

Worry not, I bring to you the process I used to qualify and safely subscribe.

In this post I would talk about the Code you can use to check if you are Eligible, Subscribe, and also to check your remaining balance.

Let’s dive in

Checking if you’re eligible for the #200 for 1Gb Welcome back data plan

Before you can Subscribe for the plan you have to check your eligibility status.

To check your eligibility status.

  • Dial *559*65#
    A message containing your eligibility status will be prompted out.
    If you don’t qualify, worry not, I will show you how to Qualify/Eligible for it.

How to qualify and become Eligible for MTN #200 for 1gb Data plan

As the name of the Data plan implies (Welcome Back bonus), the plan is only available for those that have not used nor recharged their MTN sim for the past Few (1) months.

While some people will still qualify even though they used it. It is Luck.

if you have found yourself not eligible then follow the below advice I had used for myself to qualify for the same plan.

  • Remove your sim from your phone for a month or more.
  • Then insert it back to your phone…
    Wooah you should see the magic that you have qualified.

How to Subscribe for the MTN 1gb for #200 (Welcome back plan)

Now that you have qualified for the Subscription, you are good to go. follow the below steps.

  • Dial *131*65#
  • Then press 1….. that’s all.

Note: if you don’t qualify you would get the message “Oops, it looks like you have used an incorrect code, pls try again.

How to Check Your Remaining Data Balance

  • Dial *131*4#, The normal MTN Data balance check would work.


Following the above steps, you should be able to subscribe to MTN #200 for the 1gb plan.
Just dial *131*65# to subscribe or dial *559*69# to check if you are eligible because it selects sim.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are able to subscribe to the plan easily.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any, or share your experience with the plan on the comment section. I would be glad to hear from you.



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