Glo popularly know as Grand Master of Data is offering a Very Cheap Data Plan for its subscribers. Imagine you can Sub #200 for 1.2gb, this is great and mouth watering offer for us

Below is the Steps and I will also show you how you can fix Glo Slow Internet Service

The steps are so simple and i am here to put you through it

What you will need : Glo Sim, #200 available balance, Phone and your undivided 3minutes to Subscribe.

Eligibility: No eligibility status, All Glo subscribers

Step by Step to activate 1.2gb for 200 on Glo

  1. Make Sure your GLO Sim is active
  2. Recharge #200 on your Glo sim
  3. Dial *777* and wait for the response
  4. Click on 1
  5. Click on 1 again which is “Buy 3G Data Bundle”
  6. Click on 5, “Special Data Offer”
  7. Then click on 2 which is “Special #200 Data plan”
  8. You will get a Response showing “#200 = 1.2gb” Reply with 1 to Activate it.
  9. Bravo! Your 200 data plan is activated
  10. To check your Balance Dial *127*0#

Pls Note: the 1.2GB data is valid only for 3 days. You can use the data to browse and download files such as film, software, games and other things. It can be renewed multiple times

If you are like me , you can do it like 4 to 10 times a day.

Before you go, check out this tips that you can consider doing to make your Glo internet connection faster.

Make sure you have the correct GLO configuration settings. sometimes we don’t have the the preferred and most recommend settings for Glo, you can read this guide to properly configure your Glo sim HERE

whenever you experience slow data connection you can always toggle turn Off your Airplane mode or Restart phone for five minutes and connect back

If all this doesn’t solve the issue, then the cause is probably with your Location, i meant general problem, your next step is to call their internet related Customer Care which is ‘444’ and follow the procedue. make sure you tell them you are having general network issue in your Area, I am sure they would help you fixed it

I hope you enjoy your day with the Offer

Thanks for reading, have any question don’t hesistate to ask in the Above comment box

Have you tried any of this tips, what was your result how did you manage to browse fast with your Glo sim, share your thoughts in the comment section.



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