What if I told you that to pass US Interview is quite easy as kicking a ball

A lot of myth about US interview is getting viral which has make many people to lose confidence, even before going to interview

while being nervous is one of the major reason Consular refused Applicants

Consular will want to make sure that they meet required time, you are not the only one they want to interview, they wants the Applicants to be honest.

Poor knowledge and understanding of the rule or tips that people aren’t aware of, might result for Applicant being refused.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the tips on how to pass an American Interview

Tips to Pass US Interview

Tip #1 Don’t be nervous

This is important, many people lose confidence in the process of getting information from an experienced traveler. the truth is that if you are nervous, the consular will know psychological.

You will be more confidence if you have prepared thoroughly, Have a smile on your face when meeting the visa officer for the first time. Don’t possess any sign of fairness.

Being confident helps a lot, in fact sometimes consular might refused/approve your visa without asking a question (it depends on your appearance which shows how confident or nervous you are )

Tip #2 Good outfit (Dress Neatly)

We all know that Appearance matters a lot. you must be able to wear a cloth that corresponds to your job,
Wear formal clothes as if for a normal business meeting, don’t get overdressed e.g A banker can wear a suit and a tie to the embassy. Don’t just wear any type of Clothes. By wearing all this you are indirectly confusing the Consular if you are honest with your occupation

Tip #3 Be Specific

Be specific and confident in your answers, whatever you say make short clear to the point replies. In a loud and clear voice. Don’t be too forward by telling things you are not asked for by mistake. giving too much of unnecessarily information might end you up being refuse

Tip #4 Be Polite and Honest

Don’t argue and do not ask unnecessary or unrelated questions all because it might favour you. Make sure you are honest during the interview and while preparing the document.

Tip #5 Don’t hesitate to ask a question

Sometimes consular might say something you don’t hear or probably you don’t understand because of his/her American accent. Feel free to say sir/madam I did not understand you.

Tip #6 Appearance

Your appearance should convey who you are. If you are a student look like a student, if you are Banker look like a banker. Your body language should convey your friendliness, but also remember and be serious about your goal.

Tip #7 Language

If you are good in English, you should choose English as your preferred interview language so that you and the consular can have a better understanding of each other. At times when you choose native language, Interpreter might messed up.

Tip #8 Provide accurate Answer

Always reply with correct answer, all your data is stored on their data base. If later you want to renew your visa or maybe you are refused, the Consular might want to ask the same question and if you fail or your information is different, you might be refused.

Dress Neatly, Don’t be nervous, Nice Appearance, Speak loud, Be Polite and Honest, Be specific, don’t hesistate to say ‘Beg your Pardon, I did not understand you’ if you don’t hear he/her accent, be careful with what you say.

Wish you best of Luck!

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