Oh after you’ve searched and applied for a scholarship, all to know that it’s a scam, some Scholarship pretends to be true, all they did is to collect your information and sell it.

While there’s no perfect way to know a genuine Scholarship, after extensive research and advice from professionals and friends who had once qualified for one or more scholarships. I have prepared you below a list of characteristics a genuine Scholarship must-have.

Here Are Some Characteristics of a Genuine Scholarship.

  • A Genuine Scholarship would require you to write an Essay or need short answers details from you. Scholarship that requires anything less than 100 characters is likely to be a scam.
  • A Genuine Scholarship would require additional documents support. it may be your WAEC result, SAT/ACT scores, and recommendation letters. A Scholarship that requires only your basic information, not including other specified documents is considered a scam.
  • A Genuine Scholarship should be awarded once or twice in a year. Scholarship that is believed or posted to be Weekly or Monthly is most likely to be a scam.
  • A Genuine scholarship should reveal its provider and Sponsorship. Normally a scholarship should provide the name, contact, mail or details of the one you can contact to make an inquiry or to guide you through the process. Not exposing the sponsorship of the Scholarship may just be a scam or just an illegal way to collect your information and sell.
  • A genuine Scholarship is always open to all, What’s the essence of a scholarship if it’s not open to the majority. some scholarship that is proven not to be gotten elsewhere is just a waste of time.
  • A genuine Scholarship does not prove itself to be Guaranteed.
  • A genuine Scholarship does not need Credit card details or bank account to withhold it.

5 best website to Find International and Nigerian Scholarships


ScholarshipPortal claims to be the best scholarship website for international students looking to meet their financial needs. you can browse their comprehensive scholarship lists available for a wide variety of destinations abroad.


AfterSchoolAfrica is Founded in 2009, this website is a go-to source for Young, Smart & Ambitious Africans, to explore capacity development Opportunities including local/international scholarships, competitions, funding & grants, youth events & conferences opportunities. You can find various Nigerian Scholarships there.


They’re in the business of helping students achieve their dream by offering a simplified college scholarship search. their goal is to find scholarships that match the qualifications and interests of each student that they serve. this website is mainly for the International students, if you wish to study abroad with Scholarship you can also check it out.


Scholarships.com help keeps you informed about the latest free college scholarships, grants, financial aid information and offers designed especially for students and their parents.


This website run in over 140 Countries of the World, assisting students to get scholarships, study in the best schools and also, get Internships fit for their career. As a student, the World Scholarship Forum is the best website where you will get Educational and Students Tips. For Nigerian Scholarship, you can browse through this website.


Don’t fall a victim of paying to an agent for a Scholarship or submitting your details to any scholarships website without doing a solid Research as they are 95% of scam everywhere pretending to be a genuine Scholarship.

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