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Have you ever think of “scoring at least 250 or 300 and above in Jamb” or probably want to score high mark in Jamb above your colleague.

What if I told you can be the best Student ever in Jamb History?

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can score high in Jamb at least 250 or higher.

Stay tuned and follow me till the end because every paragraph means a lot

Here is a list of what we are going to cover about JAMB but feel free to jump to any section that interest you

  •  What is Jamb and why you need to pass it
  • The reason why most people fail jamb
  • The tips you can implement to score high mark

what is Jamb and why you need to pass it

As you know Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board( Jamb) is a Nigerian entrance Examination for tertiary institution board conducts entrance for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian Universities. According to this definition, you should have known that without Jamb you can’t gain an Admission to any University in Nigerian, whether you are an international student or Nigerian Nationality Jamb is Compulsory as far you want to get an admission into a tertiary institution.

The Reason why most Students fails Jamb

1:Failure  to follow the Accurate Jamb Syllabus

2: Late Jamb Registration

3: Inability to Operate Computer

4: False Information

5: Missed Attendance during Examination

6: Preparing two weeks before the exam

8: Failure to follow instruction during Examination

9: Lack of Confidence

10: Arriving late to Exam centre

Amazing Tips to score high in Jamb

here as few tips for you

Tip#1 Follow JAMB Syllabus

Study with the Accurate Syllabus, don’t just read any textbook you found. Make sure read based on the syllabus.

Tip#2 Practise JAMB Past Questions

The Secret to Passing every Examination is solving Past question, Jamb love to pick question from their previous past Exam or something like twisting their previous question.

Check out for the real past question, they are many past questions which are not the genuine jamb past question , just make sure you found out the best and solve it.

Tip#3 Go for CBT training

Do you have a basic Knowledge of Computer
If Yes, you are safe
If your answer is no; something is wrong
Research has proven it that virtually all students without a prior basic understanding of computer on how to operate a computer or computer illiteracy fail Jamb
I wouldn’t have accepted this if not my first time I witness this ‘A lady I met in the Exam hall cannot write her Jamb registration number with keyboard, even dragging the mouse to point cursor on an answer in the monitor seems the toughest thing in her life

At the end of the exam Jamb she only attempted 50% of the examination. That is why you see brilliant Student end up failing JAMB and at the end they will start giving excuses like “the Computer shutdown, the Service is bad , The time is Very fast” lols it once happened to me. 
So being computer literate really matters a lot.
CBT training help you understand how JAMB works

Tip#4 Attend  nearby JAMB Tutorial

This will help you prepare more, it reminds you of what you have been taught in your secondary school/high school.

Tip#5 Be Time Cautious

Your Speed is very important, you have to be time cautious when answering a question, because jamb wants you to fail, the time isn’t enough; how can you expect a person to solve 200 questions within 2hrs (I know some guru reading this will be like what is there? But trust me it isn’t easy as you think. Especially Exam phobia). You only have 40 secs per each question, all question are 180, with the English language 60 compulsory and 3 other subject which is 40 question per each
So if you calculate it 40sec is probably the maximum time you have to solve for each.
Though all question are not the same, some require 10 sec, that is why you must prepare hard

Tip#6 Go through your Exam

Make sure you check through your exam before submitting.
Sometimes there is a computer error, Computer might save wrong answer.

Tip#7 Pray to God

One of the most stressful things we face is examinations. Students are not immune to the anxiety-inducing exams. While there is probably no prayer that can get you 200 or 250 in jamb Exam and probably no prayer that can change that “140 jamb score” to a 300 jamb score. you can rely on God to help you study better and relax more than taking a test. Saying a prayer at exam time can help you focus better on what you have learned so that it comes out by making smarter choices on your exams

Tip#7 Avoid False Information

Some people will tell you, this is a question that will come out, or probably your friend who happened to do her exam on Monday tell you that you should read a particular topic, just be careful. All this might not work out.


Read your books, solve Jamb past questions, avoid rumors, be time cautious and Pray to God about it. Remember this popular saying “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. Make sure you prepare very well.


I hope this guide helps you prepare hard for Jamb, and the proper use of it can make you score higher in Jamb at least 250 and above.

thanks for reading….



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