After you have strived to subscribe to Airtel Night plan, during your browsing you may experience paused or slow internet connection, this is where the idea of checking your Night plan balance set in for you to be able to confirm what the exact problem is.

While there’s no USSD CODE or SMS to send in order to know your exact balance, you are not left alone.

I would be sharing with you the simple tactics you can use to keep track of data used, then you may use that to know about your remaining balance.

let’s dive in

The smart way to check Airtel night plan balance.

  • Follow the App steps to agree to their terms and Condition.
  • After that, swipe your phone down, you would see a not ification telling you about the amount data(MB) used.

Note: Though these process won’t tell you the exact balance remaining but it would show you the amount of Data you have used overtime.


The above process shows you how to keep track of all data used, so it’s not limited to Night balance only. Install My Data Manager from PlayStore, and you would be able to know the amount of Data you have used at any given time.

Thanks, I hope you are able to follow the above steps, if you are stranded or have any question don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.



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